Dinner Party Playlists You’ll Actually Want to Play

Deciding on music for your party can be tricky, especially when gathering with strangers whose tastes you’re not in tune with. These ten playlists on Spotify are my go-to for any occasion (dinner party, family reunion, you name it) and can help you plan a stress-free dinner party and transform your party.

Go on, pick your poison.

1. Jazz Vibes

The epitome of chill, this playlist is perfect to put on when you want something in the background that doesn’t overpower conversations. Some may argue it teeters on too chill but if that’s the vibe you’re going for, go for it! The playlist is over 11 hours long, making it easy to put on and forget.

2. Jazz Rap

If you love hip-hop but are worried your guests might not, this is the perfect combination of jazz and chill hip-hop that can be played throughout the night for almost any occasion.

3. Feel Good Dinner Party

This funky, indie, instrumental and electronic mix is perfect for a cocktail party, dinner party, or any gathering where you need a little pick me up. 

4. Cafe Bossa

This is a classy dinner party playlist that’s equal parts dreamy and sexy. Piano and classic Bossa Nova melodies will transform your home into a romantic and alluring restaurant.

5. Dinner Party with Friends

Khalid, Bon Iver, and Lizzy Land are featured in this fun and contemporary mix. It’s trendy yet not too “poppy,” if that makes sense. Enjoy while cooking Dinner or with your good friends indulging in a good meal or a dinner party game.

6. Background Music

Miss Moss, a Cape Town blogger, and designer I follow, put together this crowd-pleasing mix with the Great Classics (think ABBA, Van Morrison, Queen, etc.). It’s the perfect playlist for daytime parties and family get-togethers, or any time, to be honest!

7. 90s Chill Rap

Some of the best 90s rap is featured in this playlist. Don’t be surprised if your guests ask you to turn up the volume as they sing along to some of these classics. 

8. New Orleans Jazz

I was blown away by the musical talent when I visited New Orleans about eight years ago. This playlist features a mix of Jazz, Funk, and Blues artists (from Nina Simone and Louis Armstrong) and some modern artists like Funkonami and Lou’Ana.

9. Latin Dinner

Artists like Juanes, Gypsy Kings, Bomba Estereo, Orisha, etc., will put a smile on your guests’ faces and make them want to dance in their seats. A bailar!

10. Hip Hop Instrumentals & Beats

If you’ve made it to a point in the night where you’ve decided to try some freestyle rapping, use this playlist to help you start nodding and rhyming. If you find some of the songs too fast to rap to, slow down and rap at half speed. 

What’s your jam?

I would love to add to this list so leave a comment on this post with your favorite dinner party playlist (on Youtube or Spotify, please)!

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