Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how Feed My Friends collects and uses data on visitors to our website. The policy contains information to which you are entitled when data is collected from our website and general information on how we process personal data.

Feed My Friends CEO is the controller for the company’s processing of personal data. It is voluntary for visitors to our websites to provide personal data in connection with services such as receiving newsletters. The basis for processing is consent by the individual, unless specified otherwise.

Web Analytics and Cookies:

As an important part of the work to create a user-friendly website, we look at the user patterns of those who use it. To analyze this data, we use the analysis tool Google Analytics.

Google Analytics uses cookies (small text files that the website saves on the user’s computer) that register users’ IP addresses and provide data on each user’s movements online. Examples of details the statistics give us: how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, the websites from which the users come and the browsers used. None of the cookies permits us to link data about your use of the website to you as an individual. Data linked to cookies is automatically erased 14 months after it has been registered. You can manage your use of cookies yourself.

The data collected by Google Analytics is stored on Google’s servers in Canada. Data received is subject to the Google privacy policy.

An IP address is defined as personal data because it can be traced back to specific hardware and thus to an individual. A user’s IP address is anonymised before the data is saved and processed by Google. An anonymised IP address can therefore not be used to identify an individual user.


Our newsletters are based on a contract. Our newsletters offer updates on new site content and events. We collect your email address when you subscribe to our newsletters. This is mandatory. You can also provide your first and last names, but this is voluntary. We use the data you provide to adapt the information we send you as best we can. Your data is not shared with other companies, and it is erased when we receive notification that you no longer want to receive information from us. The data is also erased if we receive feedback that your email address is no longer active. MailChimp is the processor for the newsletter. When we distribute newsletters, we keep statistics on their use, how many people read them and what is read. This permits us to give our readers the most relevant information possible.


Everyone who asks for it is entitled to basic information on how a company processes personal data. In this policy, we state which data we collect and how it is used. If you are registered in our Feed My Friends systems, you are entitled to have access to your own personal data. You may also ask to have inadequate or inaccurate data rectified or erased. Your request will be processed within 30 days. All inquiries regarding access to personal data may be sent to