Throw better dinner parties.

Get fun and approachable hosting ideas so you can focus on what goes on around the table, not just what sits on top.
Rose blind taste test event group photo
Rose blind taste test event group photo

Create memories.

Spend less money and energy.

Be a chill host.

Evening shot of a rose blind taste test event in Cape Town

Sound familiar?

Between work, life, and family, hosting a dinner party seems like a lot of effort.

You love the idea of bringing people together but you’re not a good cook and you can’t afford to feed everyone.

You host every now and then but your dinner parties are predictable and boring.

The games and activities you find online seem really complicated or too cheesy to play.

Here’s how we can help:

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Activities & Games

Conversation and laugh-inducing activities and games that’ll make your dinner parties more memorable.
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Hosting & Planning

Practical and affordable tips, shortcuts, and ideas to help you plan a successful and memorable dinner party from start to finish.
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Recipes & Menus

Time-saving tried and trusted dinner party recipes and menus that are both delicious and affordable.

Hey! I’m Kim.

Throwing memorable dinner parties didn’t come naturally.

When I first started hosting dinner parties in university, I used to spend far more time and money than I could afford planning and organizing them.

I could cook and make things look nice, but I fussed over the tiniest details.

The parties I hosted were fun, and my friends seemed to enjoy them (I mean, who doesn’t love a free meal?). But, I always felt broke and exhausted afterwards.

I wondered if there was something I could be doing differently…

Kim at the dinner table

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